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Video-Installation | 2020


Wanja Hack, Linz (AT)


Braga’s work consists of the appropriation of video vlogs downloaded from some of the most widespread online platforms, in which young people confess intimate and confidential aspects of their existence online, including their experiences linked with mental disorders.

The editing of these materials follows the typical format of this kind of digital product: an introduction, the presentation of the topic of the video and, at the end, an invitation to follow the channel. Within this virtual context, mental health is just another tool to be employed within the dynamics of self-narrative on social media.

It is thus very difficult to trace the boundaries between reality and fiction, since personal narrative gets confused with self promotion and with the promotion of potential sponsors.

The project explores the potential of technologies to transmute and shift the perception of the body through digital augmentations by creating new hybrid identities constantly changing, therefore challenging and disrupting standardized ideas on the body and its ways of performing.


Text by Giada Centazzo & Davide Bevilacqua.