Welcome to My Channel

Video-Installation | 2020





Welcome to My Channel delves into the vast world of video sharing, in which intimate storytelling has become a tool to achieve visibility and gather views as part of a process of self-determination. Within this context, mental distress itself becomes a dangerous narrative tool, as it becomes more and more difficult to delineate the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Through the appropriation of Vlogs downloaded from one of the most famous video sharing platforms on the Internet, the video reflects on the contemporary condition of confiding online. In this mash-up of appropriated videos, suicidal thoughts are alternated with promotion of online counseling apps, creating a disturbing combination that questions the reality of the narration and highlights the latest neo-liberal marketing trends on mental health and self-care, with the ultimate goal of controlling people's behaviours by covertly imposing a series of habits. Thus Social Media becomes the most accessible tool to control bodies in a subtle way, leveraging the human need of belonging, and therefore conforming.


S()fia Braga, Welcome To My Channel, Wanja Hack, Linz (AT)