Unsociable Networks & Tinder for “I am Single by Choice”

Mobile App | 2018





Fed up with social networks? No interesting friends, zero notifications and nobody reacts to your posts? Try Unsociable Networks!

Unsociable Networks is a new App for Android that will change your social life forever! Everything you've ever dreamed of in one app: avoid interactions with people; manage your own likes; and make your dashboard clean or dirty as you prefer!

What are you waiting for? Download unsociable networks and Tinder for “I am single by choice” and have fun by yourself!


Unsociable Networks and Tinder for “I am single by choice” are three apps for Android that aim to deconstruct the web interfaces and disrupt the users’ experience of three of the most famous social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tinder.

The empty dashboards can become chaotic interfaces through the use of gestures - one tap, double taps, long tap, swipe - that lead to different reactions. The user is the only one that has momentarily control of the dashboard even though it is not their own.

The works reflects on the impact of social networks’ interfaces on people, from their personal and emotional sphere to public, social and cultural life, showing how a naive and immaterial gesture can lead to material repercussions.