Manifesting Earthly Survival

Video Installation, Workshop, Manual | 2023




Manifestation is the act of transmutating ideas, goals and visions into reality by enhancing a proactive mindset and therefore embracing changes in our behavioural standards. Within the digital environments of centralised social media platforms, manifestation techniques have been used broadly as self-improvement tools, nonetheless reinforcing the neo-liberal vision of the individual by pushing marketing trends on self betterment, with the ultimate goal of controlling people’s behaviours by covertly imposing a series of habits and beliefs.

In Manifesting Earthly Survival, S()fia Braga reappropriates manifestation techniques by shifting the focal center of these practices from the self to the global, aiming to imagine and recreate speculative fabulations for the survival of our planet Earth.

Visitors are introduced to these practices and techniques through the video installation and manual, and are invited to participate in a guided group workshop in which we collectively imagine possible futures for the survival of Planet Earth.


Developed within the frame of the Festival der Regionen 2023. Scientific Support by Yelena Mitriushkina. Workshop support by Matthias Pitscher. Installation photos by Jürgen Grünwald.