Forehead Vulva Channeling Research

Multimedia installation, performance, Augmented Reality Face Filters | 2021 - on going

The Forehead Vulva Channeling Research is developing advanced studies on a vulva located in the forehead, called the Forehead Vulva, that can be channeled through body awareness exercises. An organ discovered only a few years ago by our researchers, the channeling of the forehead vulva gives the possibility to stimulate a clitoris located in the brain of each individual. Recent studies have shown that the stimulation of this clitoris brings incredible benefits to the body, as well as the psyche, of anyone who successfully channels it.

The purpose of opening the forehead vulva is to uninhibit the body transforming it, rediscovering new possibilities that can go beyond the idea of binarism that nowaday still reigns in our culture.

The Forehead Vulva Channeling research, started as a series of AR face filters, is an ongoing project that deals with the possibilities of our bodies, aliens bodies that we still need to discover due to biases and stigma in the scientific research.