You Are Running Out of Battery

Multimedia Installation, Offline Network | from the web project You Are Running Out of Battery | 2018

Do you need a moment of calm? Join the "YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY" network and relax.

This site-specific installation aims to create an intimate space where is possible to disconnect from the exhibition and the internet joining the offline network "YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY". Connecting through it a pop up window (captive portal) appears and redirects the users to the meditation website ( go to the website) which will guide them to reach a status of calm and relax through the act of scroll. In this way the idea of scroll and its function is completely subverted: from immaterial tool to browse news feed and fill up users with informations to physical gesture -"Mantra"- to clean minds.

The project wants to be a participatory and relational installation and an intimate experience at the same time since everyone is invited to use its personal device to join the network and enjoy the work. Furthermore more interesting is the relation between the offline network and the people that are not joining the exhibition. Indeed the offline network can be joined by everyone is next to the exhibition area. In this case the experience has more impact because unexpected.